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We are in the 2nd week of our #SupportABro project and interestingly enough, the first time I heard of this company, what came in mind was something related to health or avoiding the intake of sugar. Well, I was wrong.
SUGAR FREE is the name of the company……You see, you also thought same 😆😆😆😆😆.
SUGAR FREE is a company which deals in anything African. YES, ANYTHING AFRICAN. It has products ranging from African Print Ties, African Print Bow Ties, Brooch, African Print Slippers[Nantepa] etc.
Before we continue or delve more into what the company is about, let’s get to know the brain behind it first. It’s really important.

Abena Agyeiwaa Agyemang is her name. She’s the first born of her parents with two beautiful sisters. She was born in Kumasi [South Suntreso to be precise] in the Ashanti Region but comes from Jamasi which is also in the Ashanti Region. The town is known for the Adu Gyamfi Secondary School.
Abena had her elementary school at Kings Interna…




Why or how I came about with such an idea or initiative?
Our church laptop developed a fault just a day after it was fixed so the following morning which was a Sunday,my brother and I sent it to the repairer before church service starts. I then decided to see him off. He was going for 1st , 2nd and 3rd Services whiles I was gonna go for just 2nd and 3rd Services. *don’t ask why 😉😉😉*
So my plan was to see him off a lil further then return home to prepare for 2nd Service. As we were walking, we decided to talk about issues,plans and almost everything. One of the things we spoke more about was his business, TiE COLLEGE; the way forward, expansion, growing his client or customer base, etc. So as we were walking and discussing; just there and then, the idea and phrase just popped out “Support a Bro”. 

I felt since my blog has a few dedicated followers like yourself (Trust me; you are very special to me) and social media presence, why don’t I support my brother in m…