Starting from this month [May], I am coming up with a series called “WHAT IS THERE?”. In this series, I shall give a detailed description and experiences of the places I’ve been.

But before we begin from next week, I’d like to tell you 20 THINGS YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ME. OH YES, 20 THINGS and I bet you, there are some things YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME even my family and closest friends.

 You doubting???????? LET’S BEGIN!!!!

1.  People know my full name to be “Matthew Aryee Aryeetey”. Well, that’s my “OFFICIAL NAME” but my actual “FULL NAME” is Matthew Clifford Nii Aryee Seyram Aryeetey.

2.   I don’t take in milk or for a better understanding; I’m allergic to milk. I don’t even know the 'HOW' and 'WHY' it is so but that’s how it’s been for many years now. Even the aroma makes me wanna puke 😷. "People/Professionals have even given it a name "Lactose Into-something-something" 

Photo Credit: Google Search

3.   I don’t take in Milo, Oats, Tom Brown, Rice Porridge etc.... because milk is often added to them. I’ve never tasted them before with the exception of Milo. So often, my tea is done using the tea bag with some sugar and a little lime.😙

4.   Within a day, I get a lot of mood swings. I dunno how it happens but 1 minute I’m soooooo hyper, the next minute I’m sooooooo reserved and don’t wanna talk to anyone. 😀😁😂😃😄😎😍😌😋😊😉😈😇😆😅😏😐😑😒😓😔😕😖😗😘😢😡😠😟😞😝😚😤😣😭😮😯😰😱😲😨😩😳😴😵😶😬

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5.   As most of you know, I am the 1st born BUT I’m not my mum’s 1st born. I have a half sis who is married with two beautiful girls, Vanessa and Amanda. 💓

One of the best gifts I've ever received.
It was from Vanessa somewhere in March, 2018

6.   I love to travel, explore and experience different places. The excitement, fun and exhilarating experience is divine to me. You won’t believe it but in my 2018 goals and resolutions, I said I wasn’t gonna visit less than 2 countries before the year ends. I actually said 5 countries and also get to celebrate my birthday in Dubai. CRAZY, IKR.

7.   So there’s this thing with my body and up till now, I haven’t figured it out. My body itches anytime I'm done bathing. I know what you thinking.....H-O-S-P-I-T-A-L?????Hell no, I’m not going there. I think the problem is, my skin is very sensitive and reacts to any change at all either in the type of water, soap, using a new sponge, towel etc. So the solution has always been to wear my ironed clothes in its warm state and BOOM, the itchiness starts to wear down.
I know some close friends of mine will be thinking “OHK, So that’s why he doesn’t like bathing BUT I block those thoughts in Jesus' name"

8.   Believe it or not, I’m an introvert. 😊

9.   I was once big or better still, lemme say FAT. Almost everyone doesn’t remember me being fat but I don’t blame them because I DON’T REMEMBER EITHER. The only evidence I saw were my childhood pics; even those ones I once told my mum, that wasn’t me. 😆😆😆 I'm as confused as y'all.

eeerrrmmm, I guess that's me
10.   When I was in Class 3 final term, I never went to school but got promoted to the next class. It so happened that I spent the whole school term being hospitalized and diagnosed of a disease I can't even remember. The doctor told my parents I wasn’t gonna live beyond 17 years. That’s scary mehn BUT HERE I AM.

11.   I still don’t know or haven’t figured out what I’m talented in/at. Whereas my kid sis has the talent of using or working with artistic things like beads, makeup, sewing etc., I STILL DON’T KNOW MINE. One time, my mum asked “So Aryee, aside your books, what are you talented at?” I jokingly said “GIRLS”.😆
My guy/dear, I DON'T HAVE A CLUE. 

Please, if you know, tell me for a few Cedis/Rubles/Dollars.

12.  SNAILS, POTHOLES and WHEN SOMETHING GETS INTO MY EYES are 3 things I hate in my life. No hard feelings to Snail lovers but about 20 years ago, my mum prepared one of these snail dishes and after eating it I got rashes all over my body. So since then, my dad forbade it in the house even though they both loved it. FOR POTHOLES, it makes my abdomen to hurt when I happen to be in a car and it passes over it.

13.   I fear enclosed places or places where I’m unable to breathe properly. It scares me mehn. 😨😨😨

14.   I’ve been wearing this necklace [ei sorry, chain] since September 2014. Back then, it was just something I just put around my neck during my early National Service days @ Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. But now, I have developed this strange emotional attachment to it to the extent that I never take it off or allow just anyone to touch it.

15.   I used to fear girls and when I mean fear, I mean FEAR. I quite remember during my senior high school interco, one of my former JHS mates who happened to be in another school [Presbyterian Senior High School, Osu] called one of her female friends so we talk but instead of me to man up and talk to her, I RUN 🙈. It was that bad mehn. The shame, yawa,disgrace…..hmmmmmmm
But now, well I’m still shy but TRY ME…..LOL

16.   I was abused sexually [dunno whether that’s the right word or not cos there was no penetration whatsoever] during my JHS days by a distant cousin. He lived in the next house where most of us used to go and play. So whenever I go there, he’d take my hand and rub it on his manhood. Actually, he would use my hand to masturbate or when we watching TV, he’d lemme sit on his laps and be using his manhood to pierce my butt through my shorts/trousers. As naïve as I was, I did enjoy it 😆 BUT looking back,eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww disgustingWhenever I remember it I feel so sick I would wanna puke.

THANK GOD he and his family relocated not long after but I see him in the neighborhood once a while. I know a couple of our hood boys he’d done that to. Oh God!
Photo Credit: Google Search

17.   I have 2 nipples on my right breast. Please, don’t ask me how cos I DON’T KNOW HOW IT CAME ABOUT. One is smaller than the other nipple so for sure you’d notice it’s not supposed to be there.
And Oh, if you thinking of hitting me up so that I show it to you, NEVER.NEVER..NEVER...

18.   I’m still afraid of my dad.

19.   I got my first kiss at age 20 and it was from an unlikely source. It was from a distant cousin. Should I go into details? YES.NO..YES...NO....YES.....NO......NO.......NO

20.   I LOVE TWINS and to be more specific, TWIN GIRLS…..Boys?????? IT'S A NO NO NO. I don’t like boys at all. THEY ARE TROUBLE mehn.
Anytime I get to pray about kids, I’ve always prayed for my 1st born to be TWINS [girls]. The least I want is a baby girl to be my 1st born. IF I'M DESTINED TO HAVE 99 KIDS, I WANT ALL TO BE GIRLS. NO BOY! NO MALE!!

BONUS: I’m in love with someone 💓. No long talk kraaaaaaaa... Yay, The Labadi Boy is in loooovvvveeee.

DONE! DONE!! DONE!!! There were some things you didn’t know about me right????? HAHAHAHAHA, I TOLD YAH ðŸ˜‰ðŸ˜‰ðŸ˜‰ðŸ˜‰ðŸ˜‰

Not even my parents, sisters and closest friends Gladys, Danita, Amanda, Stephanie and Equity.


Also, tell me something I don’t know about you! I’d love to know my readers so if you would comment below and share something about yourself; it would seriously make my day!



  1. More about your crushes and skills you use to approach them

    1. wow, Crushes Crushes Crushes...Having a crush is much easier or lemme say faster for me due to the fact that there are things a lady does that makes me like her and also some physical attributes like the feet, fingers, hair and teeth. So when these things are according to my "taste" ,for sure I'd have a lil crush on her.
      The skills i use to approach them differs But generally or often, i admire them from a distance cos of my shy nature. They are crushes and they have to remain as such

      Thanks for your question.
      Tell me something about yourself

    2. Who is the lady you are in love with?

    3. Wow, what a question!!!! I knew this question would definitely pop out but wasn't expecting it to be that soon. You got me there Miss Joana Martey but I may have to be mute about her name for security reasons.....hahahahaha

      Thanks for your question.
      Tell me something about yourself


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