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So it’s few days to 2019 and I’m super excited about the prospects of it. You know why???? I guess not, so lemme tell you. 2019 is almost here and which other way can we start than to build a solid foundation for it. And when I say solid foundation, I mean SOLID FOUNDATION.

Many of us couldn’t achieve those goals we set due to varied reasons. Can I list them? YES! NO! YES! YES! NO! NO! NO! Hahaha, everyone is saying NO. Okay, enough of the back and forth.

So in my research of how to build a solid foundation for a better 2019, I’ve come up with ways you can get better results, achieve your goals and above all MAKE 2019 A BETTER YEAR.
I'm talking too much, huh? Aaaawwwww, you don’t like me 😢😢😢

No time to waste, LET’S BEGIN!!!

THE FIRST STEP IS TO REVIEW YOUR 2018 I believe to make your 2019 better, you need to review and measure how 2018 went. Review your entire goal list; the ones you achieved, the ones you stopped halfway and the ones you couldn’t start at all. Note them down on…