Finally Finally Finally, we are in 2019 and I’m sooooo excited about the prospects of it. IT’S MY YEAR OF SERIES OF VICTORIES mehn.

First and foremost, I want to give thanks to God for giving us life to see another year. It’s just by HIS Grace that I AM ALIVE; YOU ARE ALIVE; and WE ARE ALIVE. Let’s pause and sing this song;
I just wanna say Baba oooo, Eseeeee
I just wanna say Baba oooo, Eseeeee
Wow, you just discovered you’ve got a talent in singing. You were right on key. WOW! WOW!! WOW!! 
Oh, did you just say I’m ‘fooling’? I’m shy now so lemme just go straight to business.
So it's a new year and what other way can we begin it than getting to who’s behind DIARY OF THE LABADI BOY. I know what you thinking, ‘I’ve read WHO I AM and 20 THINGS YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ME posts so I know who’s behind it'. 

Hahaha, gotcha. I am a super hero! I am a super Hero!! I am a super Hero!!!

I’m back to default settings [unseriousness] again? Forgive me, it won’t happen again.

On a more serious note, MEET THE BLOGGER is a different version of getting to know me in the sense that, they are raw and unedited questions I’ve received from you all. So you see, I’m answering all your unanswered questions 😄😄😄.


How did it all begin for you, writing-wise?

Wow, what a 1st question! Okay, let's go as far as 2012. That's far mehn but no fast forwards here. A few friends and I came up with a writing group called LET'S ALL WRITE and I happen to be in charge of the Social Media Team and at a point helped in Editing and uploading of the write ups [So I had first-hand reading of the articles or write ups before publishing them]. 

I never attempted to write [Well, I wasn't passionate about writing] because I was content with my Social Media and Editing roles.
I'm getting ahead of myself huh? 😂😂😂😂
 LET'S ALL WRITE is an open platform which gives people with the passion of writing to showcase their talent through writing. So they write to us then we publish it on our website and give them credit as well. So that’s basically what we were doing at LET’S ALL WRITE.
So I believe that's where I learnt EVERYTHING and appreciated writers the more.

At what point in your writing career did you realize you were there?

WRITING CAREER????? Hahaha, what a heavy weight and tag. Please, I can’t carry it. But on a more serious note, I haven’t gotten there yet. NO NO NO, NOT AT ALL.

What inspires you?

All inspirations comes from God hence I'll say God inspires me. And I'm someone who loves to write a lot. I dunno but I kind of forget a lot so writing is my sure bet.

When I'm bored, my internet isn't working, waiting for long hours, etc. and I've got my diary or phone, be sure I'd definitely put something down.

I observe and create a lot of things in my mind. You can call me 'The Fantasy Boy'.

What's the feeling like when people read your blog?

The feeling is something else mehn. It’s overwhelming. It makes me to blush especially when after reading and they slide into my DM to say nice things about my write ups. Aaaaaaawwwwww 😍😍😍

What challenges you?

It's simple kraaaaa; writing to perfection. I know there's this saying that no one is perfect and all that but I want to attain this perfection in writing that there won't be any spelling mistake, grammatical errors etc.

Also, reading people's write ups and I'm like, hey Matt, you must be joking. The writing "fluency/dexterity" is sooooo amazing. It kind of challenges me to UP my game.

I've heard you say several times that you are not a writer. Why?

You know me 😂😂😂

I've always said that because the moment I term myself a writer, I'll be judged as such and  the criticisms that will be fired at me, Charley I'll just disappear into thin air. We need the criticisms though to make us better.

But honestly speaking, I don't term myself a writer because DIARY OF THE LABADI BOY is my own way of documenting my experiences, real life situations hence; I take it as a ‘leisure time’ thing. 

What is your dream in life?

What a question!!! My dream in life is to be successful in every aspect. I want to be successful in my career, my business, my relationships and my spiritual life. EVERYTHING mehn.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 – 10 years?

Wow, that’s basically telling you my 5 to 10 years plan. Well, finish school, working, married [Yay, The Labadi Boy wants to get married. Please, don't laugh 😷😷😷 ], successful and having kids.

Did you ever date there [Russia]?

Not at all…You’re surprised? Hahahaha, don’t be.

If you had the chance to correct only one mistake in your past, what will it be?

Tricky question!!! I wouldn’t want to change any one thing because the lessons and outcomes of those things I may term as mistakes are what have shaped me into who I am today. I am not perfect yet but I am better than I was yesterday by learning from my past.

Why did you decide to break up with your girl lover?

We had a little disagreement and that was it. We just decided to part ways amicably.

Are you single or dating?

I am single. Wait, don’t give me that face 😏😏😏 Honestly, I am single. In fact, I am super super super single.

Why are you still single?

I don’t really ooooo but maybe no girl likes me 😢😢😢 Hahaha, I'm in love with someone 💙.

What’s your favourite food?

Indomie but I love Rice/Fufu/Banku with Groundnut Soup.

What’s your favourite colour?

Sea Blue.

What’s your type of girl? [So that I can tell the girl who’s interested in you to change into that]

I wish I wouldn’t answer this question 😢😢😢 I have no choice than to answer, right???? But promise me, you won’t tell her. Deal OR No Deal????? Perfect, It's a Deal.

I want someone who will understand me and take me for who I am and someone who is not VERY jealous because I have lots and lots of female friends. I think that's basically it.

Told you, I'd answer all your questions. And OH, if you've got more, comment and I'd gladly reply.



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